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SISG Advantage

The SISG advantage: the fusion of business and technology education coupled with our vast experience is the key to our success and sets us apart from typical IT consulting firms.

Is your organization truly leveraging Information? Are your customer facing system delivering the maximum value. Itís not just an explosion of data generated by connected computers, intelligent devices and sensors, it is also a related explosion of value potential at the nexus of real-time social, operational and analytic data, when exploited appropriately. It takes governance, profiling, cleansing, parsing, filtering, aggregation, integration, tuning, validation and visualization, and this hard work only makes sense within the light generated by a clear strategic vision of where tangible, business value lies for decision makers. It takes extreme collaboration within a diverse team to hit the value sweet spot, but today, most companies are getting significant benefits from Data Management in many business areas, and every company is competing on Analytics. The only limits are the extent of an organizationís ability to understand how its data can confirm, operate and optimize its Business Model, and its ability to assemble an agile, iterative team competent enough to effectively design and implement an appropriate Data Strategy to make the Business Model successful.

SISG consultants understand these critical factors and for 2 decades have been partnering with clients as well as other business partners to plan, build and implement solutions that impact the bottom line. Our consultants are Certified Public Accountants, MBAís, and hold advanced technical degrees in Information Technology as well as Project Management and software certifications. This fusion of business and technology education coupled with our vast experience is the key to our success and sets us apart from typical IT consulting firms.

Planning and EXECUTION

SIS-G (Strategic Information Systems Group) is a U.S. Based Data Management consulting and services company headquartered in the Chicago Area. We are supported by IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Informatica business partner enablement programs, as well as by outsourced development alliances. SIS-G utilizes REGUS Office Systems, enabling it to have a presence in virtually any city in the US and Europe as clients may require, for any period of time. These resources are currently available to assist your Data Management initiatives by building a strong data foundation for Analytics and other applications that derive value from integration of disparate data. Please give us a call to get started now or forward this email to your Chief Data Officer.

Project Enablement - Rapid Infrastructure and Development Readiness

OurVendor alliance and support teams enhance SISG consulting capabilities. These capabilities include tooling and automation for Project collaboration worldwide in a secure manner, DB and Informatica product installation and configuration, training, automated testing, infrastructure provisioning with SISG facilities or IBM Virtualization capabilities. SISG and partner specialist and worldwide development and production ennoblement are made available to our clients. Proof of Concepts is performed before clients commit to a project methodology, approach, tooling or infrastructure. Infrastructures provided include all software, hardware, and network facilities. These are administered by SISG or partner staff in a highly secured manner, freeing up clients internal resources of all types.

Experience the SISG Advantage

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