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Data warehousing is the consolidation and continuous improvement of an organization's electronically stored data in a single organized database, to facilitate business analysis and enable data integration and fact based decision making. It involves the governance, modeling, extraction, transformation, cleansing and load of data, including metadata and master data. In 1994, SIS-G leveraged its balanced blend of business and technology expertise and pre-existing core competency in Data Modeling and Graphical User Interface development tools to become an early entrant and leader in the Practice of Data Warehousing. Our Data Warehouses have become strategic competitive weapons by rapidly improving the ability of our client organizations to operate and make decisions with Business Intelligence and Analytics.

SIS-Gs belief is that access to timely and relevant information is the most significant enabler of organizational success in the future. Our strategy is to implement low cost, high performance, meaningful Enterprise Data Warehouses and focused Data Marts that have significant lasting paybacks. An investment in a high quality Data Warehouse is quickly returned in the form of reduced cost in Data Integration, Business Intelligence and other solutions derived from raw data, which inherit lower cost to build, ease of use, faster performance and greater integrity from the Data Warehouse.

In the past, we have reduced Data Warehouse cost by implementing ETL (Extract, Transformation and Load), Data Profiling, Metadata and Data Cleansing productivity software, database code generation from Data Models and Automated Testing. We have implemented highly productive Template data Warehouse Packages and improved Data Warehouse stability and performance by tuning code and implementing Grid Computing, Parallel Processing and High Availability software.

We have completed the research training and installations required to improve software quality and reduce cost further with automated requirements gathering, collaborative project workflow, requirements traceability to designs and test cases, embedded regulatory compliance reporting and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud computing environments. These capabilities are enhancing the leadership position of SISGs Data Warehouse Practice and Return on Information (ROI) for its clients.

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