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The SISG Quality Philosophy

SISG is a participant in the QAI Global Community Organization and its activities, and strongly believes in the tasks necessary to insure that Information Quality and Integrity, particularly data used in business decision making, is never comprised and that realistic testing and quality of testing of developed applications is always used as our guideline. SISG also believes in modern methods of automated testing and good project management contributes greatly to the quality objective.

CQAA Mission

The Chicago Quality Assurance Association, the Chicago Chapter of the QAI Global Institute is a nonprofit professional organization that was established in 1984 to promote quality principles and practices within Chicago-area companies. CQAA provides a forum for information professionals to present and discuss quality and process management within information systems, technology, and services.


Provide a variety of educational opportunities in the Chicago area for quality professionals and other advocates of quality. Facilitate networking and the exchange of ideas among quality, process management and information technology professionals. Sponsor presentations on quality and related topics by experts and by members. Foster professional certifications through access to examinations held in the Chicago area.

Provide an opportunity to earn recertification credits towards professional certifications through membership and attendance at educational programs. Maintain lines of communication with other professional associations and foster cooperative activities of common interest.

Chicago Quality Assurance Association

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