Rapid Growth Enabled

For many companies, time to market is the top business challenge facing them. To be late to a new market, or with a new product, can mean lost market share, substantial competitive disadvantage, and the inability to set standards, all of which can be extremely difficult to overcome. Organizations that employ ‘On-Demand’ business are consistently first to profitable markets by:

- Allowing the integration R&D activities of clients and partners

- Enabling rapid identification of market opportunities

- Virtualizing the R&D infrastructure to minimize capital costs

- Providing enhanced decision making ability to its employees

- Allowing efficient use of resources across a distributed R&D team
Rapid Growth can only be achieved by:

- Delivering new products or services to the marketplace

- Delivering Data Integration and conversion solutions

- Developing Web-based product design and simulation tools

- Offering collaborative organizational tools

- Including processes to distribute knowledge

- Quickly capturing market feedback

- Providing an efficient and flexible software development platform

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