Cloud Computing Introduction
Cloud Computing Capabilities and Support - Supports Infrastructure, Application or Collaboration Types

SISG can now offer capabilities on the Amazon and IBM clouds. These capabilities include provisioning various infrastructures including various hardware, software, network, database, and web development services. Environments include development, test, performance testing, and production environments. These are provided in a highly secured manner and include operational, systems administration, and database support client required SLA requirements are also established. Clients may at their option, perform development and testing work on the cloud and subsequently migrate to production on their internal corporate environment. Clients pay for services on an as used or needed basis and not necessarily 24x7 usage pattern. This is ideal for clients who immediately need an infrastructure for a time to market critical project that can be ramped up in a week. Other scenarios are of course, possible.

Cloud Computing General Description
Software As A Service
SISG Deployment Capabilities Optionally Offers Many Data Integration Products and Services as SaaS Services
SISG Cloud Computing Support and Services
SISG Supports Amazon and IBM Cloud Services - Clients Can then Support their Multiple Customers or Vendors

SISG currently support 'Software as a Service' on the Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing Environment. SISG can provide all infrastructure, (see read more information link) perform development and testing, conduct performance testing, and support production environments on the cloud for individual clients.

Additionally, clients can elect to have SISG create and Administer a multi tennant environment for clients who wish to service multiple customers, support multiple suppliers building custom apps for them. Administration, support, and detailed billing is provided.

Cloud Computing Software as a Service Infrastructure
Cloud Computing General Summary- Contact SISG for a Demo and more Details
Consumption and Delivery Models of Cloud Computing

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