Events as of January 3, 2016 Chicago, Illinois

SISG schedule of training and road show events occurs often. These sessions are conducted at various locations and at the IBM Innovation Centers worldwide. Clients may meet SISG staff at any location to discuss engagement requirements and to review practical approaches to solve a particular problem or meet a specific business need or opportunity.

Please visit this SISG Website events under each innovation center entry to see the latest schedule of events or schedule a meeting. Product or methodologies overviews and demos can be scheduled on very short notice. Solutions and approaches are agnostic in nature and do not require an all IBM solution or approach. For further details, please contact Sam Hassen at 888-372-1815

IBM PartnerWorld and SISG - IBM Innovation Center - Hursley, U.K

IIC at Hursley, U.K.

SISG invites all prospective and current clients to visit our facilities at the IBM Innovation Centers (IIC) worldwide. In Chicago, we invite all to attend on the 1st Tuesday and last Thursday of every month, sessions at the IIC to meet with business partners and other companies and education professionals to discuss current business and technology topics. Discussions topics include current issues such as cloud technology, Virtualization and Cloud (PURE Brand), and WEB 2.0, as well as new state and federal, public, and private corporate stimulus programs for example.

Please contact: Sam Hassen to discuss the sessions and your interest at 888-372-1815.

Please click the link below to see a sample of how SISG teams with IBM and can make resources available to SISG clients. SISG conducts POC, POT and training activities at the IBM innovation centers in Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Paris, France, and Hursley, U.K.

IBM Innovation Center - Hursley, U.K.
IBM Innovation Center - Chicago, Illinois USA
IBM Innovation Center at Chicago - SISG Local Offices and IBM Support

SISG home office is in Chicago Illinois. SISG works closely with the Chicago IIC to insure our capabilities are continuously updated, in business analysis and design as well as keeping on top of stable, results producing and ROI oriented technologies.

Our facilities at the Chicago IBM Innovation Centers (There are 40 worldwide) include lecture and training labs, as well as engagement centers that support our Proof of Concept and Proof of Technologies services. SISG also access up to 10 AIX on Power 7, Linux Series, or ISeries servers supporting grid annd performance scaling testing, Microsoft on XSeries servers, and Linux based servers and solutions including middleware, database, WEB, and Rational solutions.

SISG also support capabilities working in cooperation with IBM on PURE FLEX and PURE Data (Netezza).

Please see the link below that describes the IIC capabilities. These capabilities are available worldwide.

IBM Innovation Center - Chicago, Illinois, USA

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