Consolidation for Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are always challenging. Two independently operating companies are mandated to function as a single unit overnight. Within the myriad of challenges is that of integrating databases and processes. The company is presented with the opportunity to select the systems that will better serve its business operations and investments in the future. At this critical time SIS-G can:

Help you identify what systems and processes will better support your business operations long term

Enable you to retire obsolete systems while minimizing impact

Integrate all your key data into a common single view for the enterprise

Disseminate the appropriate data to all the new business units

At a large Insurance provider, SIS-G helped the IT group scale their systems to enable the merger with a newly acquired MotorClub services unit. SIS-G was responsible for bringing new key processes into the existing environment while minimizing the strain on current systems. The resulting environment allows SIS-Gs client to quickly and efficiently bring new service offerings to its clients.

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