Consolidating Lines of Business

Analytical applications are core to the Insurance business. Whether forecasting risk or planning the next marketing campaign, data is the fuel that propels the Insurance industry and can put you ahead of the competition. Central data repositories within the company can allow all the areas to make decisions on the same information, from calculating premiums to determining customer value. SIS-G can help you to:

Identify the key data elements within your company required to better drive the business and maximize customer value

Plan, design and implement your data strategy to create corporate wide metrics and run the business cohesively

Enrich your proprietary data with information from third parties to obtain a clearer picture of your customers

At a large Property and Casualty Insurance provider, SIS-G consultants helped the client create a central Customer Enterprise Data Warehouse storing Policy and Demographic data, which enabled the company to better understand their customer needs. This central repository of customer information enabled the Marketing department to create targeted campaigns to Cross and Up sell to new and existing customers.

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