Technical Architecture
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Technical Architecture is the foundation and blueprint to insure requirements and capabilities that clients at the enterprise level require now and in the future, can be met by the proposed technical and application infrastructure being evaluated. This impact also includes security, integration to/from internal and external entities, development, testing, production and maintenance of delivered solutions. All these and more analysis and artifacts delivered, effect the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

New technologies emerge, client will have the advantage of migrations to those new technologies efficiently and safely without either a big bang approach or rip and replace strategy. SISG offers expertise and POC POT capabilites using on premise clouds, and virtualization (very agile with tremendous time to market improvements), using various hypervisors and hardware software vendor independance.

SISG asks the right questions during the analysis and evaluation phase, including assessment of the current technologies and infrastructure deployed at the client. SISG has in depth experience and knowledge of current technologies and vendor solutions, trends and fads, and can recommend to clients and prospects, technologies that are cost effective and that make sense. SISG working in cooperation with various vendors and standards groups such as W3C, PMI, as well as organizations like IDC, Forester Research, Gartner, and others; monitors trends that may be of value to current and new clients. SISG will usually perform a Proof of concept (POC) or Proof of Technology (POT) on any proposed architecture at our facilities or the clients, to confirm assumptions about risk profiles, technologies fit, security, stability, user access and ease of use, scalability, as well as monitoring capability and metrics, supportability, and cost effectiveness. Risk profiles are critical to insure unknowns are controlled during solutions deployments, so they do not impact the project schedule and costs.

SISG continues to build a track record of successful complex technology and infrastructure solutions and deployments, in the security, application software, and database, hardware, and network functional areas. Our proposals are reviewed by a committee of vendors, clients, and out side specialists as required. This insures SISG remains open and agnostic when it comes to selection decisions that are best for the client or prospect. Whether its a Microsoft or IBM solution, using in house or cloud technologies, or working with outsource teams models, SISG will focus on solutions and deliver blueprints and training, as well as enablement, that meets requirements, have in place monitoring, costs control, reporting metrics, as well as solutions that meet corporate ROI targets.

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