Project Planning

SIS-G can help you to estimate the cost of your initiative by utilizing proven formulas and supporting tools for your Business Intelligence, Data Integration, and Data Warehousing applications. Throughout the years, SIS-G has identified the key metrics required to calculate the cost and time necessary to complete your most challenging Business Intelligence project. With experience and multiple client engagements we have refined the formulas to accurately combine these key metrics and provide you with an estimate to help you plan. The model is based on common technologies in order to make it flexible so we can customize it for the specific needs of our clients. While using multiple levels and calculations, it presents the data in an easy fashion to facilitate discussions between IT and business groups. SIS-G provides this estimating model as value added to our service to our clients at no charge. Our consultants are empowered with repeatable processes created from the experience gained in our previous engagements.

Data Architecture

The data in your corporation exists in separate systems, each one performing a specific business function. To provide the maximum business value, the corporation aims to integrate the disparate data sources so the data in the entire corporation can exist within a common context. Then, no matter what the perspective used to look at the data, from marketing to manufacturing, analysis from different perspectives is ensured to be consistent. The first step to getting to this ideal structure is a comprehensive model that represents the company’s business through the relationships of the data that drives each of the business processes. A Data Model is a conceptual representation of entities (like Customer or Invoice) along with their characteristics and relationships to one another. This Data Model is indispensable to the creation of a common language between the business units. SIS-G can create a Data Model that accurately represents your business entities and supports your business operations. We can also create models optimized for the storage or the retrieval of data, so gathering large amounts of data and quickly calculating reports is possible.

Collaborative Application Design

Today’s global economy has allowed corporations to optimize their workforce, even on a global scale. SIS-G has experience in working in collaborative environments whether between client and contractor staff, or local, national and international locations. Our expertise can help you to select the best application methodology for your company given the nature of the projects, the challenges in the environments, the preparation of your personnel and the specifics of your business. Team structure and processes are also critical to the success of the project and SIS-G’s methodology ensures that roles and responsibilities within the different parts of the team are clearly defined so interactions can be optimized. SIS-G can guide to you select the best tools, processes and set of skills required for the success of your initiatives to maximize the cost advantages of a highly collaborative environment while minimizing the risk inherent in these types of operations.

Collaborative Application Development

When leveraging global resources, large development initiatives are best suited to realize cost savings. However, during project execution, collaborative environments must ensure that each team completes their work within the overall project context so deliverables are consistent. The communication components in highly collaborative projects are essential to the success of the project and SIS-G understands what it takes to succeed. By following a rigorous methodology and information exchange protocols, the SIS-G consultants can help you drive benefits from your non co-located team. By utilizing collaborative tools and solutions, SIS-G is able to deliver the maximum value from multidisciplinary teams. Technology and a focused Business Intelligence methodology allow

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