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Project Collaboration - JRP JAD - Many Options

SISG insures clients have full participation in all project phases during the Data Services engagement. This is especially critical in the requirements phases and during project execution monitoring. Assigning work and reporting status are critical to success and cost control. Clients can begin project activities immediately with no infrastructure costs or rampup time.

JRP JAD 'Engage' which includes a set of social networking - and collaboration services. Engage provides, interactive alignment of resources, contact management, instant messaging and file and application sharing and cooperative development and support.

JRP JAD 'Engage' the ability to create project-based communities to meet the needs of clients in a flexible and dynamic manner. Participants may use the platform to communicate with each other, to share tasks, conduct online meetings, keep documents and versions synched, and to share the progress and issues of projects to keep on track. Facilitated JRP and JAD sessions achieve consensus from a cross section of user and IT communities

General Collaboration Site Information
Live Collaboration - Sample Cycle Used by SISG
Phases in Collaboration Overview - Can be Customized and Secured as Required by Location or User
Sample LotusLive Collaboration Capabilities
SISG Integrates Components and Customizes Project Organization and Delivery Capabilities as Required

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